The pickle man

Friday, February 18, 2011

The seventh circle of... well, you get the idea.

This week has been... challenging. 
National Honor Society induction.
Childcare problems on top of problems.
Teacher of the Year application (much more difficult than you would think)

Oh, and I made my students do research papers.  

So they gave me this :)

An A.S.O. is a student worker... and the unfortunate student in my left hand, well, he didn't have enough quotes in his paper.  I think he got what he deserved.

I really like my ponytail.  And my green feet.  And the fact that I am so angry I apparently forgot how to spell enough. 

Slightly more disturbing: when my four-year-old saw this, he said, "Mommy, that doesn't look like you.  Your ponytail is brown."  Hmmm.  Nothing about head shape?  Seriously? 

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