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Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Fish Fry

Yep.  It's freezing outside (seriously!  As in, below 32!  Even here in Louisiana!) so what did I decide to make for supper?  The ultimate middle of the summer feast.  I'm weird like that.  I promise warm comforting comfort food tomorrow.  Specifically cheddar corn chowder.

But back to last night's menu.

It started with a cabbage.  Michael grew it in the garden, so we were going to eat it.  And when I started thinking about it, carrots are winter food too.  So I made cole slaw.
First, I shredded the cabbage.

To dress the slaw, combine a few tablespoons of mayonnaise, some lemon juice, salt, lemon pepper, some vinegar (I used wine vinegar, but whatever...).  I also used some carrots, celery, and sprouts my husband grew in the kitchen.  It was yummy.

Then I decided to make sweet potato fries.  Usually I cut them into cubes, but I decided to try strips to make them more appealing to the four-year-old.

My mistake.  He loves the cubes, wouldn't touch the sticks.  Figures.

The baby, of course, loved them.

We had to have something to go with it, and I had more red snapper in the freezer.  My brother went deep sea fishing in the gulf this summer (pre oil spill), and now that I'm making yummy soups, I need freezer space.

So, to fry fish in your kitchen... and contrary to popular legend, IF you have a big black skillet, frying fish is not all that messy or stinky.
Pour a cup of vegetable oil into a big black skillet.  Get it hot.  Really hot.  When you put a drop of water in the skillet, it should pop and sizzle.  If you get it hot enough, the fish won't be greasy and soggy.

In a ziploc bag or tupperware, place 1 cup yellow cornmeal.  Season it with Tony Chacherie's (or salt, red pepper, garlic, and black pepper).  Put the fish in the bag and shake it until it is covered.  Then place in the oil and cook until brown and crispy on the outside (about 5-7 minutes).

Serve with lots of ketchup :)

 He has to keep up his strength so he can work in the garden :)

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  1. I always dropped water in the oil, but this summer, Mary Ann fried okra, and she uses a self strike match to test the oil. Apparently if it's hot enough, the match will light. Sounds like it would be a hazard in my kitchen, but it was pretty cool. :)