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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A matter of theology

Usually, this is a cooking blog.  But some nights, I don't cook.  Some nights, we actually go out.  This is one of those nights, so instead of a recipe, you are getting a funny kid story.

This week, to keep Dixon quiet during church, I allowed him to bring his crayons and some paper.  He glued two sheets together before we left the house to make a book - according to him, a Bible.  During church he illustrated it, and when we got home, he wanted to dictate the text to his father.

Here is the text:

God loves us.
We love church.
We love God.
God made some people.

I was OK until the last one... so I waited until Dixon went to bed to ask the scribe (Michael) - what does this mean? God made some people??

Michael said, "According to Dixon, God makes some people.  Mommies make the rest."

 My big boy a few days ago...

and a few years ago.  His obsession with bug spray is never ending, but oh, where did those cute fat cheeks go!!


  1. What can I do now to make sure my future child says things like this? Are there some vitamins I can take? I love that you posted this. I love your children. AH!

  2. OH, ps, I'm not pregnant! I mean my way way future child. I reread that and thought it sounded like maybe I was. WHOA, ok I'm done.

  3. Oh, there are always more... I think all kids say them - you just have to remember to write them down.

  4. hahaha and Katie, that never even crossed my mind. But you can come play with my fat baby any time!!

  5. I love you, Katherine! I laughed out loud, then cried when I saw his "little boy" pic!

  6. His "little boy pic" is still your picture on my phone. I see it all the time. Wow, he looks so growny in his soccer uniform.