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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Fruits

Summer is almost here!  2 more days of work, and then lots of days to play with the boys!  In the meantime, I apologize again for the lack of blogging material.  I've still been cooking, but it's mostly been old standbys that I've already posted, or failures that aren't worthy :)

But tonight, we are celebrating the first fruit of the garden (well, technically a vegetable, but you get the idea).

Yep, we grew that! From a little tiny seed!
And, to be completely honest, this is really the second fruit.  We had an Ichiban eggplant last Thursday, but I forgot to photograph it.

Anyway, tonight for supper, I sliced this guy up
tossed it with some salt and olive oil (Kosher and extra virgin, if you like specifics)

and then threw him on the grill...

with some drumsticks...
 I like to grill both of these on the lowest setting for 15 minutes or so (well, obviously longer for the chicken, but the zucchini is the star here!)...

 Until they get all caramelized and have pretty brown stripes...

And meanwhile, the kids played in the backyard.

"TOO BRIGHT!  I need your hat, Mommy!!"

Thanks, much better.  But I'm still going to make this silly face, because, well, it's what I do. 

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