The pickle man

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today was the first day I had to get both kids out of the house and get to work... ARGH!  Surely I've done more difficult things (the bar exam, a half marathon, labor and delivery) BUT those things had finite ending points.

The day started with the discovery that two of the three tires on my jogging stroller were flat.  And I deflated the third trying to use the air compressor.  Then somewhere in the middle, there was the nice tech support lady with the soft Indian accent who said "Where did you buy this router?  I didn't know anyone was even still selling them!"

So maybe if my life is too crazy, I should give something up.  Only problem - I like everything that makes my life crazy. I love running in the mornings.  I love nursing William. I love my job. I love playing trucks with Dixon. Maybe I just need better organization - always something I crave and admire in others, but never seem to quite achieve myself.  Still, I did manage to get dinner on the table.
The throw-together dinner consisted of baked chicken, a quick okra and tomatoes (the long version of this recipe is in Celebrations on the Bayou by the Monroe Junior League, and it is amazing - definitely worth it.  Mine was OK, but about 1/4 the cooking time), and salad.

Tonight it helped to remember that I don't have to cook instead of playing with Dixon - I just let him play chef.  Maybe letting a three year old handle raw poultry is not the smartest idea I've ever had (on the plus side, he can now say "salmonella"), but it was better than me trying to bread chicken with one hand and feed William with the other.  And he washed his hands with a good half cup of liquid soap afterward.  For a minimal investment in Dawn, I'd say the experiment was a success.
Yes, those are safety glasses.  They came with his toy chainsaw (from Santa).   They were in case we had to use any "hurt eye onions."
Apparently, Dixon took this very seriously. He is rolling a chicken breast in the bread crumb mixture.

Dixon's Chicken
3 - 4 chicken breasts, cut into narrow strips
2 Tbs butter, melted
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs, mixed with
1/4 cup Parmesan grated

Dredge the chicken breasts in butter, then roll them in the bread crumb and Parmesan mixture.  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes (longer depending on whether you cut your breasts into strips or leave them whole). If you line your cookie sheet with foil, clean up is a lot easier.  This also works with catfish.

Also in the "not so safe, but wow" category - Dixon peeled cucumbers!  He was a little overzealous with the peeler on the first one (it resembled a pale green carrot before it made it to the salad).  But by cucumber #2, he was a pro.  Of course, I couldn't capture him in action because he told me "I can't peel while I'm looking at you because I might cut my finger."  Oh, my cautious child!

Finished product ...


  1. I do my chicken the same way! It is an easy favorite!

  2. Yum Kat!
    Thanks for posting this menu!

  3. now if only i could get olive to eat anything non-white! she's the pickiest eater right now!! but i'll keep these recipes in mind :) love your blog, keep it up!!

  4. Thanks Giao :) Dixon has yet to meet a vegetable he doesn't like, so I'm sure William will be the pickiest kid on the planet.

  5. I so enjoy reading these! Please keep them coming...they keep a far away aunt in the know and appreciate that more than words can convey! :)